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Overview is a community site dedicated to documenting a master patterns catalog comprised of analysis- and technology-centric patterns that capture and relate Big Data science and analysis techniques and Big Data solution environments, mechanisms and architectural design practices. The formal documentation of analysis patterns, design patterns and technology mechanisms provide an extremely concrete representation of Big Data via individual building blocks that can be assembled in creative ways to leverage Big Data practice and technology innovations.

The Big Data Patterns Catalog is published in support of the Big Data Science Certified Professional (BDSCP) program, which is comprised of the following course modules:

  • Module 1: Fundamental Big Data
  • Module 2: Big Data Analysis & Technology Concepts
  • Module 3: Big Data Analysis & Technology Lab
  • Module 4: Fundamental Big Data Analysis & Science
  • Module 5: Advanced Big Data Analysis & Science
  • Module 6: Big Data Analysis & Science Lab
  • Module 7: Fundamental Big Data Engineering
  • Module 8: Advanced Big Data Engineering
  • Module 9: Big Data Engineering Lab
  • Module 10: Fundamental Big Data Architecture
  • Module 11: Advanced Big Data Architecture
  • Module 12: Big Data Architecture Lab
  • Module 13: Fundamental Big Data Governance
  • Module 14: Advanced Big Data Governance
  • Module 15: Big Data Governance Lab

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